Traction Grips® Rubber Grip Panels

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Tractiongrips© Grip Panels

Tractiongrips© grips sets are custom designed to fit each pistol model and do not require any trimming or fitting. They are also available as a Universal grips set that can be trimmed to fit just about anything. Installation is as simple as peeling the backing material away from the grips, sticking them onto the weapon like a sticker and adding a little heat from a hairdryer for the best adhesion. The grips are pre-cut from sheets of high quality Textured Rubber Material in Black. The Textured Rubber Material has a slightly rough and tacky feel that provides excellent weapon retention properties while not feeling abrasive or causing wear to clothing or uniforms.


Made in the U.S.A.

Great Lakes Holsters does not offer any type of warranty expressed or implied for this product. Unopened and unused Traction Grips may be returned for a full refund with in 14 days of purchase.