Great Lakes Holsters current generation outside the waistband holster is years in the making.

We have not followed the cutting edge path in construction techniques in order to produce a "cooler" looking holster in as little time as possible.

Our focus is on strength, retention and performance. Our holster is a simple, robust design.

  • We incorporate polished, radius-ed curves; not sharp, crack inducing unfinished corners.
  • Our holsters use the industries strongest factory injected nylon plastic belt loops. These box style loops are compact and hold the holster close to the body. 
  • Our holsters are designed with a lower height sweat guard that protects the wearer and does not interfere with the the grip or drawing of the gun.  
  • Retention adjustable.
  • Set in a 15 degree forward cant.
  • Option for an open bottom with an exposed muzzle is available.
  • Free standard shipping via USPS (4-7 days once shipped). 

Great Lakes Holsters is confident that our outside the waistband holster will stand with any kydex holster on the market, regardless of price.

For training, concealed carry, competition and confrontation, Great Lakes Holsters.

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