Options for your Great Lakes Holster


Color samples



Sweat Guards!

Great Lakes Holsters offer sweat guard in full or medium height.


The medium height guard has a lower profile and is flared for easier re-holstering. This height offers less holster contact with the body of the wearer, but reduced protection for weapon controls.

The full height offers protection for weapon controls. Plus, reduced body contact with the gun's finish and sharp edges.  Choose either height on the order option menu.




Tactical Infusions provide custom kydex graphics plus an ever growing catalog of standard prints. The infusion process is super tough and great looking. Follow the link to their website and see what they have to offer. If you are looking for a custom, one of a kind graphic on your holster, just send us a good quality computer file of any non-copyrighted image and Tactical Infusions will print it on Kydex.  Tactical Infusions prints add $15 for one holster or $10 for two or more. Contact us for more information.