You need a Holster!

Posted by Paul Bruen on 8th Oct 2015

You need a Holster!

If you carry a gun, you need a holster!

I've had this discussion on many occasions and these discussions have even turned a little heated a couple of times. Can you shove a gun into your pocket, waistband or purse and get away with it? Sure, I'll give you that. Have I watched others hunt around for their gun from a cargo pocket or backpack, only to see it retrieved muzzle first! Yep. 

One night while at a local restaurant with some of the boys, I watched a full size Glock 22 tumble out of a buddy's waistband as he stood up. It bounced several times across the floor, slowly spinning to a stop at our waitresses feet.

Loudest silence I've ever heard....


I'll come right to the point. You carry a gun because you might be in a fight. If you have experienced competitive handgun shooting, you see that most shooters, especially in active shooting sports like 3 gun, wear secure holsters attached to very solid belt platforms. These holster systems keep their guns secure and in place while they run, jump, climb and crawl. Sounds like a fight to me. Why wouldn't you want the same security?

It's been said that you fight the fight you are given. Absolutely! You may be faced with a need to run as fast as you can, dive behind cover and try to figure out what the hell is going on. Where is your gun? Is it in your purse/backpack somewhere? Is it still in your pants?

A well designed, good quality holster system will keep your gun secure and in place without allowing it to move. The holster will protect the trigger by completely covering the trigger guard. The holster should retain it's shape and with practice, allow for a natural draw and safe reholstering. Finally, if you are concealing the firearm, the system you choose should hold the gun with minimal to no printing or profile.    

You have made a choice to carry a gun for self defense. You may have spent a bit of time researching the gun you wanted. The research isn't over! There are many different holster styles to choose from and they all have pros and cons. Take your time and do some research, ask questions. 

Choose a holster. You need one.