Great Lakes Holsters!

Welcome to Great Lakes Holsters!


My name is Paul Bruen.


I want to start this blog by describing how Great Lakes Holsters came about and a little bit about who we are.

I have been immersed in self defense and shooting sports for many years, with my first chosen career path being in law enforcement. I was always considered the "gun guy" and enjoyed many opportunities for advanced training. Eventually, this led to teaching use of force and defensive tactics to law enforcement and regular folks interested in doing it better. Teaching is something I still enjoy.

A few years ago, I met a guy with a new plastic holster. It looked kinda crude. But, I thought it was pretty cool. I had been active in multi-gun / 3 gun competition and thought I would try building one myself! How hard could it be?

First Holsters



That was a while ago.

Now it is my full time job and commitment. With the help of my family, I will continue to move Great Lakes Holsters forward and become a premier custom holster and carry gear manufacturer. We are a true American venture. A small family owned company offering steadfast loyalty, service and uncompromising quality.

In future posts, I will be describing some of our current products as well as introducing new items. I would also like to share some of my personal experiences and lessons learned over the years. Also, tips and information about gear, training and being armed in today's world. 


Thank you.