A Quality Belt Makes All The Difference

Posted by Paul Bruen on 20th Oct 2015

A Quality Belt Makes All The Difference

If you are in the market for a holster carried at the waistline, either outside the waistband or inside the waistband, a quality belt designed for the task should be part of your search. You may want to think of the holster and belt as a system. Here are a few reasons why.


   As I mentioned in earlier posts, a good quality, well fitting belt is an excellent platform for securely mounting a holster. Belts with well made, sturdy buckles are unlikely to come off during movement. Holsters that are sized properly for the wearer's belt width will resist sliding around the body. Plus, most paddles, clips and loops are designed to grab the belt and keep holster in place while you are carrying the gun. But, they also keep the holster secure when drawing the firearm. If you stuff your gun and holster into your yoga pants, not only do your risk having it fall out, you may find your holster still on your gun after you have draw the weapon. It would truly suck to need your gun right now and it's still wearing a holster!


No matter what brand or type of holster you buy, you may not be satisfied until you find a sturdy belt. Belts carry load. If you use a narrow or flimsy belt, it may stretch or curl. This can lead to your holster system flopping away from your body or uncomfortable weight distribution.

All day is a long time to carry a handgun. Constantly adjusting your holster back into position and having that belt cutting into your side gets old quick.

Most holsters are designed with a certain job in mind. This could be to conceal a handgun for discreet carry or provide a a stable platform for competition. A cheap, thin belt meant for a fashionable look may not be doing you any favors. That doesn't mean your belt has to be ugly! A good quality belt can be made from many different materials; leathers or synthetics like nylon and polyester strap. There are many reputable companies on the market specializing in good looking belts meant to carry the load of a handgun and accessories with comfort and style. 

Have a look. I think you will find security and comfort if you choose a quality holster and belt for your carry system.