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Alpha Holster Bedside Holster is made in the U.S.A. and ships for free!

The Bedside Holster hangs at the side of the bed by slipping the tab between the mattress and the springs. It can be placed closer to the head or further down toward the foot to accommodate any users size. The Alpha Bedside Holster can also be used on the right or left side of the bed and accommodates a left or right hand draw. The pouch on the the Alpha Bedside holster is made with a flexible elastic material that securely holds a wide variety of hand guns from small to large. The Alpha Bedside Holster is a great accessory to your firearm and a must have for home defense and personal security.

Comes in Black only.

Ships free via USPS First Class Package (Not a guaranteed service) / USPS Priority Mail is available for $7 extra


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Alpha Holsters are not covered by Great Lakes Holsters lifetime warranty. Alpha Holsters has a 30 day / full refund policy. See www.alphaholster.com for details.

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